My new website is happening on Monday 18th Sept!

Well, this week has been quite a challenge to say the least.  I’ve decided to opt for a ‘soft’ launch for my re-brand and new website so I can get my new name out there into the big wide world and update my website and then, in the new year, I will officially launch my new collection of designs with a beautiful brand shoot (which I’m plotting now – there will be a whole lot more of this to come).

So, with my website and new name launch date decided upon and a website to finish off and social media accounts to update – my internet connection at home went completely off grid.  I try to keep as much computer and IT work as possible out of my studio so I can use it for making and all the creative stuff and I try to do my admin, accounts and IT work from home.  It’s so easy to loose hours and hours on computer and paperwork stuff and I am utterly reliant upon the internet to make things possible plus I need to stick to quite a rigid routine to get through everything I need to do.  Without accounting software, Dropbox, Photoshop, excel and lots of other computer-y things, I couldn’t run my business.  That’s not even taking into account the hours spent on social media and websites for both of my businesses.

With a new internet line due to be installed on Wednesday this week, I think I have lost the best part of three days to internet troubles.  I’m sure there is an entire novel’s worth of posts on internet providers and the service they provide but that’s not for this blog! Anyway, after a lot of stress and some abysmal language on my part, I am very, very nearly ready to let my new website out into the big wide world.  I have done it all myself so it is far from perfect but it is better than the current version and I have learnt a great deal – mostly that I wish I could hand it over to someone else to deal with! One day.

So Vintage Button Bridal Designs will finally grow up a bit and from Monday my little business will become and over the next couple of weeks, all of my social media accounts will change over to @clarelloydaccessories.  By the end of the month, I will be ‘Clare Lloyd’ – I’m still a little bit terrified but also very excited about what’s to come.

I thought I’d show you an image from my new home page and also a look at the beautiful logo that Victoria Saunders from 19 Interiors has designed for me.  I’ll be writing a bit more about this clever lady once I’m up and running with the new name but for now, here’s one of the versions of my new logo.

New home page imageNew shop page imageOval clare lloyd logo


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