For anyone that might read my blog, you will have noticed that the name has changed to ‘  Vintage Button Bridal Designs is very shortly going to officially become ‘Clare Lloyd’ and I thought I’d better start changing all of my social media sites ready for the official change and so my blog has been the first to get updated.

It’s a bit daunting using my name as a brand and naming my business with my name but after huge amounts of deliberating and general panic about doing it, I’ve gone for it.  The Vintage Button name has been something that I’ve wanted to change for such a long time now but have never been brave enough to do it and I’ve probably filled up countless note books trying to come up with a decent name for my business.

After a good talking to by a friend and business coach, I’ve decided that my name is probably the most suitable thing to call my business – my work involves so much of ‘me’ in it that I guess I am as much a part of the brand as what I make – whether I’m ready for  that idea or not.   So, today is the first step to my business becoming ‘Clare Lloyd’ and to stepping out from behind a name that really didn’t fit properly and, although I’m feeling quite nervous about it, I’m also very excited about what lies ahead.

Plus, I’ve got some beautiful new logos to show off – there will be much more about that to come.  For now, here’s a little look at one of my new logo designs created by the very talented Victoria Saunders.

Round logo Grey background white cut out

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