New Designs ….

I've been a bit quiet on my blog for the last couple of weeks as I've been so busy with my other jewellery range. After a very busy Open Studios, a big family celebration and lots of behind the scenes work on my re-brand of Vintage Button, I'm currently being featured on Folksy with my colourful jewellery as their Featured Maker (you can have a look here if you'd like to find out what I get up to when I'm not making headdresses). And it's still wedding season too so there's lots of orders to make and deliver to Brides.

Despite all the chaos, I'm still experimenting with new design ideas for my next collection. This usually involves an awful lot of trial and error, sketches, drawings, lots of failed attempts and eventually, a new range will start to emerge or an older collection will evolve.

I'm working with a lot of white at the moment; it's been such a challenge for me to stick to a single colour palette and I've got a bit hooked on it so there's going to be a little range of white pieces in my next collection as well as a fair bit of gold and pastels for my colour fix.

I've also decided to try out a bit more sparkle in a couple of pieces – I don't tend to use much diamanté, just the odd bit here and there so I've been playing around with adding a little bit more. It makes a good contrast to all the subtle whites I've been using and the painstakingly hand painted enamel leaves.

Here's a little look at the diamanté pieces coming together. There's a way to go yet before I'm happy with the shapes and materials and the headpiece has already changed quite a lot from the original sample piece. This collection will feature more pinnable headpieces that are ultra light weight and can be mixed with other styles to create a totally unique look.

The first photo below shows my first sample before I changed the design quite a bit and added diamanté and ivory glass pearls to the white opal. I like the shape of the headpiece and want it to look like trailing flowers and I'm happy with how the pin is looking so I'm getting there.

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