Beautiful Floral Inspiration

So many of my designs are inspired by nature and the British Spring and Summer time is just full of the most beautiful flowers, trees and colours.   I spend so much time trying to replicate tiny little buds, petals and leaves with wire and the smallest of glass seed beads, pearls and crystals, porcelain clay, silk and semi precious stones.  I’m always on the lookout for a tiny delicate flowers, unusual shaped leaves or pastel coloured petals to set me off on a new design idea.

I live in Somerset, surrounded by countryside and nature so there is a never ending supply of inspiration.  Here are a selection of photos I’ve taken over the last few weeks to try to capture some of the beautiful trees and plants bursting into life – some of these will be featuring in my new designs.

These beautiful foxgloves are such wonderful soft colours – nature has a magical way of combining colours.  Colour plays such an important role in my work and I love combining soft, delicate shades together – the right colour combinations can make such a difference to a design and completely change the feel and overall look of a piece.  You can add depth and texture to a piece by subtly varying the shades and tones of the colours you choose.  Nothing in nature is ever simple, symmetrical or just one colour – if you look closely you can see many different colours and patterns.

Foxglove close up
Palest of lemon and vanilla shades with soft lilacs and a deep red
The tiny drops of rain could be re-imagined by using tiny clear glass crystal drops with soft, pretty pastel colours.

Foxgloves in the rain

More wonderful shades of white, ivory and cream with the most delicate of petals.

White flowers and buds
I love the contrast of the fresh white petals with the deep green of the foliage
White buds
The petals are so delicate and fragile – my immediate thought would be to make pressed silk petals but I really want to experiment with very thin, delicate porcelain or paper clay.

White flower

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