Blush pink and rose gold are still really popular colour choices this year and it’s easy to see why – blush pink is a soft, pale, pretty version of the colour pink, it’s easy to wear and works well with so many other colours.  Rose gold is quite lovely too, although, I think I prefer a pale gold with blush colours but that’s just my choice.  I’m still making lots of bespoke pieces in these colours for brides getting married this year and next and I’m sure the trend isn’t going away just yet.

I thought I’d share a little selection of some pretty blush coloured hair adornments from my current range and show just how different blush pinks can look when you use different coloured wires.  I really love the combination of blush with silver, palest greys and ivories and the same design can look totally different depending on the colour wire you choose – gold tones really add a warmth whereas silvers can look more contemporary.

Like most wedding things, I don’t think there should be any rules and when it comes to choosing colours and styles, I think you should follow your heart and always be true to yourself.  One of my favourite looks is mixed metals – I wear a selection of stacking rings in yellow, white and rose gold alongside sterling silver and I love them mixed together.  Here’s some photos of various different styles of hair adornment in a variety of metals.

Processed with MOLDIV
Magnolia vine in Gold/Blush and Silver/Blush
Processed with MOLDIV
Magnolia comb in Silver and Blush
Head/neckpiece in blush, grey and silver
Matara headdress in Rose Gold with silver wiring
Pearl Headpiece in blush and rose gold with gold wiring
Fern Jewelled Hair Pins in (left to right) copper, gold and silver
Cherry Blossom vine in rose gold
Beaded rose hair comb in natural copper
Wild Rose Headdress in Blush with antique brass wire


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